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Judith Acosta, LISW, CCH

About Judith
Judith Acosta is a clinical social worker, crisis counselor, and classic homeopath with 30 years experience in mental health. Starting in rape crisis, she became widely known for the treatment of trauma, anxiety, fear, and grief. She is the author of hundreds of articles and several books, including The Worst is Over, which was hailed as the "bible of crisis communication." She works in an eclectic style utilizing elements of faith-based or Christian counseling, cognitive-behavioral therapy, insight- psychotherapy, crisis intervention, solution-focused therapy, EMDR, and classical homeopathy.
In New Mexico, Judith serves Albuquerque, Santa Fe and surrounding areas. She also works nationally via phone and skype.

Like Cures Like: Homeopathy is based on the laws of similars. Instead of using an opposing force to suppress a symptom, homeopathic remedies, when well-chosen to fit the totality of a patient’s state, are given to stimulate the organism to heal itself. It is an effective and gentle form of treatment. Please click on the homeopathy tab in menu above for more information.
Theraputic Animals


What is it about the wagging tail of a dog or the purr of a cat that makes us feel so calm, so safe, so present?

For those who wish, dogs may be present in session. Go to our animal assisted therapy page by clicking on the "services" tab in the menu above for more information.

Our Philosophy

We Believe...

It is not about being sick or well, perfect or awful. It is about being fully human, vital, adaptable, and whole. And that means:

  • We have to treat the whole person, not just a diagnosis. We have to see what hurts in order to find what heals;

  • We all need love. It is our highest purpose and is not a  "dysfunction."

  • We are all fallen and life is messy. Almost everyone     needs some support to cope and grow. 

  • There is nobility in suffering and there can be joy in imperfection when we can trust in God, Who has a plan and a purpose.

  • There is the possibility of real healing and redemption, that in God all things truly are possible.



Judith has been an amazing blessing to me and my family. After years of dealing with many health problems, a multitude of doctors, medical tests, and medication I am finally on what I consider the road to recovery. Judith introduced me to homeopathy and it has changed my life in the best possible way. I turned to her and homeopathy as a last-ditch effort and it ended up being my saving grace.
 Forever Grateful,
   S. J.


Classical Homeopathy

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