What is Homeopathy?


Homeopathy, which is based on the laws of similars (homeo=similar), works on the principle of like cures like. Instead of using an opposing force to suppress a symptom, homeopathic remedies, when well-chosen to fit the totality of a patient’s state, are given to stimulate the organism to heal itself.


Modern, allopathic medicine is primarily designed to suppress symptoms. Its moniker, “allopathic,” comes from the words allo, meaning against, and path, meaning pathology or illness. The treatments provided are devised to work in opposition to the disease state. So, if a person has a fever, they take an aspirin or some other medication to force the fever down.  If a person gets a rash, they are given some steroidal preparation to make it go away. This principle is extended throughout the practice of medicine as such.


In homeopathy, suppression is not only seen as not helpful in any meaningful way, but as potentially dangerous. For while it may temporarily make symptoms disappear, it does not cure. In fact, it drives the disease state deeper in and further up into the organism. As an example, a person whose psoriasis is “treated” with cortisone may see his skin clear up for a while, but in due time he becomes increasingly irritable, depressed and starts to develop a cough and recurrent bronchial infections (one of many possibilities, but one in fact which I have seen). These infections are in turn treated by antibiotics. So the acute inflammatory state disappeared, but the psoriasis returns and he becomes increasingly agitated and has to be put on anti-depressants. Soon, he develops arthritis. And so it goes for years. 








Here’s a simple example:  A little boy wakes up suddenly with a very high fever. His neck hurts, his cheeks are so red they are nearly purple, his pupils are dilated, and he is slightly delirious. The remedy chosen is Belladonna. Why that one of the thousands available? Because when that remedy (in a highly diluted and “potentized” state prepared by reputable homeopathic pharmacies) is given to a healthy person, it produces the exact same symptoms that the little boy experienced. Like cures like. When he is given the remedy that produces those symptoms—and he has those very same symptoms—that disease state is cured and the symptoms vanish. This law was renewed by Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of classical homeopathy, but was first brought to light by Hippocrates himself, the father of medicine.


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