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10 Minute Stress Reduction Siesta


Take a deep breath and recharge your day with this hypnotic session.  Just enough to relax you and help you gather your resources.  Please listen to this and the other sessions in a quiet, safe place with no distractions or demands.  Please do not use while you are driving.


Releasing Old Wounds


Carrying around old pain is pointless and burdensome. It gets in the way of the joy and love we long for. Whether the pain is two days, two years, or two decades old–whether it was an emotional stab wound or the equivalent of a recurring itch–it doesn’t serve you and you know you need to let it go. This session will help you release the past to the past where it belongs and let you live in the present where you belong. It is a journey to peace.

Performance and Anxiety


Embarking on a new journey can be exciting and frightening.  Whether you need to adjust to a new language and a new way of life, or acquire skills for a new career, this tape will help you build your self-esteem as you realize the resources within you.

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