If you suffer from fear and anxiety there are a few things you can do:


*Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy involves examining “cognitions” or  thoughts and modifying them and our behaviors to help change those thoughts and relieve the fear.


*Desensitization is the gradual, gentle exposure of a fear-producing stimulus (such as a snake) to a    person so that it can be seen in the healing light of day.


*Breath work helps when the panic attacks are related to low blood oxygen levels, such as in cases of acute and chronic respiratory illness.


*Homeopathy can be enormously helpful in the treatment of acute and chronic states of fear. It is very gentle.

Many of our patients call because they are anxious, worried, or outright fearful. Sometimes that is due to trauma, sometimes to long-ingrained habits, sometimes due to substance abuse, and sometimes for no reason they can think of.


What makes us fearful? Almost everything at one time or another-heights, social situations, being left alone, being in a crowd, snakes, cars, and mice, going outside, staying inside, having hope, losing hope, working, not working-even, as the old saw goes, fear itself. Panic attacks are often inspired by the thought that we might have one.

Things that retrospectively seem quite small may loom terribly large when we are frightened of them.  Fear is like the shadows that move across a room at night-in the light of morning we see it was just a drape or a coat or a branch blowing in the wind. Until the sun comes up, however, it can be immobilizing. When we don’t deal with our fears, they can completely disrupt our lives as we modify, move around and manipulate ourselves and everything else to try to avoid confronting them.

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